The Usikov Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of NAS of Ukraine (IRE) is new proud to be able to present a brief inventory of the results of research and development effort that has for years been pursued and led to the tangible achievements in the following areas:

developing novel, highly efficient methods for resolving diffraction problems; exploring fundamental properties of solids and bioobjects; the researches on nanotechnology, superconductivity and radar effects; creating operational laboratory prototypes of radar systems to keep close watch on the territories or sites where protected objects are located; detecting masked or hidden objects on a human body; searching for survivors under the rubbles of ruined builings; handling the subsurface probing issues, namely, searching for underground service lines, voids, oil slicks; supervising the integrity and migration of oil and gas pipelines, locating tunnels or holes dug out under the ground, etc (these operations are being carried out within the framework of the NASU innovation projects); all-weather monitoring of the state of buildings and engineering structures; developing the collision-avoidance systems for moving objects; devising the technique for radar monitoring from aerospace carriers, which are aimed at forecasting and monitoring the floodings and inundations emergency situations, particularly, forest fires; monitoring the state of vegetation and forest tracts; studying soil erosion processes, water surface purity and surfactant-contaminated zones resulting from the impact of anthropogenic nature.
Below is the description of the IRE products that can be thought of as competitive ones and an attraction for investors and partners. The generalizing classification of these products is introduced in terms of keeping to their research trends.
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