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Contactless  radiowave  pickup
A) Microwave linear alarm detector "MIOL-04"
It serves as a safescan perimeter guard for different extended objects; it is intended to generate and put out alarm signals by opening output contacts
of an actuator relay as the detection zone is traversed by a trespasser.
In contrast to alarms produced by other manufactures, "MIOL-04" provides for:
 security of operations, which prevents the trespasser from identifying
   the purpose of receive-transmit modules by their external appearance,
   location and the detection zone boundaries
 simple tuning and check on the system's working capacity
 an increased range of detection to one area of up to 300 m
 detection of a crawling trespasser
 absence of high-priced conducting wires, shielded or coaxial cables,
   rope-lay conductors, etc
 optimal cost-effectiveness ratio
 extended life time within less than 8 years of continuous operation
B) Vibration sensor based upon a mm-wave coherent radar
Its purpose is to ensure contactless measurements of vibrations (displacements) of rotating shafts, turbines, all kinds of engines and motors, building elements, foundations, walls, high-rise buildings, towers, bridges, pipelines and high-tension transmission lines.
The principle of vibration sensor operation is based upon the irradiation of an object under measurement with a narrow radio beam and upon the reception of a reflected signal which is phase- and amplitude-modulated due to vibration of an object. In order for vibration parameters be restored one can make use of a developed signal processing algorithm that is realized as a PC software package. This sensor is capable of measuring vibration-produced displacement over the vibration frequency range of 0.1 Hz to 50 kHz to an accuracy of no less than 8 mcm.
  foto_vibration sensor based upon a mm-wave coherent radar  
C) Octane rating gage
This device is designed and developed around the principles of measuring complex permittivity over the microwave range and allows the gasoline to be accurately checked both under production conditions and in everyday use, The small-size, portable gage gives an on-line indication of clear octane number on an automobile pointer instrument. The gage has a high resolution enabling one to detect 14 g of water in 1 ton of oil.
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